The Complete Turn

A spatial system aimed at preschool children. A circular wooden panel and four supports, joined together by ropes, make up the base of the spatial structure functioning as a workspace. Twelve children can play around the system, under it, or inside it.
By placing one of the two canvases on the base, the space is given a new purpose. By means of transformation, this workspace becomes a place for playing, seclusion, exploring, or an exhibition panel for drawings and objects.
The system is developed so as to meet the children’s need for a space that belongs to them, and, conversely, one to which they belong. The possibility of taking the entire system apart is another of its advantages. The structure divides and builds the space regardless of its characteristics and elements, it is a space in itself, for children.
This system, inspired by a real-life experience of a child meets the needs of children for their own space. The aim is to encourage the proper development of preschool children through play. The educational aspect is reflected in the influence on various segments of children’s development, and from the educator’s perspective can be seen as a tool to help them in that mission.
The transformations of this system enable the development of spatial perception in children, where one thing is viewed and used in multiple ways. Self-actualization is regarded as one of the crucial steps of children’s work. Putting the drawings and objects on display is now a compulsory item at the end of each creative process. A simple form allows children to form an abstract opinion. Aimed at multiple children, the project brings them together unobtrusively, teaches them how to work in a group and creates an environment for peer education.

Technical expertise and prototyping: Object constructors
Logo design: Dragana Krtinić
Photography: Nemanja Stojanović
Video: Nebojša Jokić