Tradition and heritage are values that represent the national park Tara. The amassing group of people that runs the park, was aware that we had to get to know the mountain in order to work together. A team of five people spent a weak researching and learning about the animals, plants, climate and people who inhabit this mountain. The task that was before us was redesigning the visual identity, so that the brand could communicate better with the tourists and visitors. The original logo was created at the same time as the company that is in charge of the tourist and other activities regarding the mountain. Out of the respect to the author of the logo, they didn't want to change it completely but to make it more applicable, because applied to promotional material the original logo was not always readable.

Team members: Sne┼żana Volaric, Stevan Ivic, Nadja Olic, Veljko Vrabjevac.